Frequently Asked Questions

What is Avex?

Avex ecosystem enable user to control their digital footprint, including their identity, social network, and money. Right now we're working Avex ID and Defy with other products coming soon.

What Networks are currently supported?

Avex is currently supporting Aptos Network. Look for future announcement regarding the possibility of other networks.

What is Defy?

Defy aggregates different Defi tools like decentralized exchanges, swaps, NFT/token marketplaces, and lending/borrowing platforms in one place. It works alongside Avex ID, letting users manage their finances and on-chain identity easily. Defy also offers a rewards system for users to showcase their on-chain activity.

How Safe is Defy?

Defy is a self-custody application and does not take custody of your funds. We do not store any of your data; all information displayed is managed locally within app.

How can I contact Support?

⁠You can contact us on Let's Talk page or you can write us a mail at [email protected]. We will get back to within 48 hours of request.